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"Russian gold" - birch bark

Our distant ancestors lived among forests and widely used their gifts in everyday life. Being well versed in the properties of different types of trees, they made the best use of their knowledge. Not only wood, but also other parts of the tree: bast, roots, were widely and variedly used. However, a special place belongs to birch bark.

The word "birch" goes back to the Indo-European basis and means "white, light". For a long time, birch bark has been widely used for the manufacture of various products in the everyday life of the peoples of Russia. Large wicker boxes and graceful openwork boxes, one-day baskets hastily rolled up from a piece of birch bark, birch bark spoons made right there, near a fishing fire, and durable canisters that have served the family for more than one generation, caressing the eye with the natural shade of birch bark, darkened, but not losing the nobility of its color, and bright, exquisite in color, hand painted products represent the diversity of the world of birch bark.

In recent years, this folk craft has been intensively reviving and gaining its former strength and glory. Tired of glass and plastic, people are increasingly drawn to this beautiful, environmentally friendly and durable material, from which modern birch bark craftsmans make unique products:

  • Birch bark bread boxes, in which the bread will not dry out longer and will not grow moldy, since birch bark has proven antifungal and bactericidal properties.
  • Containers for storing tea, salt, sugar, cereals, spices - the products in them will always be dry, because birch bark is hygroscopic and absorbs moisture well. A bug will never start in groats and flour stored in a birch bark canister, milk in a birch bark jar does not sour for up to two weeks, and honey is stored almost forever!
  • Birch bark kitchen utensils - plates, trays, mugs, bowls, napkin holders, salt cellars - are light but strong, they won't break if you accidentally drop them, they are pleasant to hold in your hands, they are durable and easy to clean.
  • Original carved, embossed and painted boxes, jewelry, headbands, hairpins, combs, birch bark mirrors, the soft and velvety surface of which is pleasant to the touch, hypoallergenic, and the color range, wich changing from dark chocolate to golden and creamy white, is pleasing to the eye.
  • Unique birch bark bast shoes and insoles, which prevent the appearance of fungus, reduce sweating of the feet, heal joint pains, relieve fatigue, and increase the body's resistance to disease.

And of course, all birch bark products, without exception, serve as a decoration for the home interior, disinfect and flavor the air, create warmth and comfort in the house.

About us

Our workshop and store are located in the Novosibirsk - the capital of Western Siberia. It is here that wonderful birch bark craftsmens live and work, who know how to create amazing things from a simple piece of birch bark - eco-friendly, practical and very beautiful.

Since ancient times, birch bark was used for crafting a wide variety of practical and decorative items for Russian homes. For centuries, the secrets of the craft have been passed down from one generation to another, and now we preserve these traditions, fused with new innovative production methods, so that you can also enjoy them.

We are happy that we have the opportunity to acquaint people from all corners of the world with Siberian birch bark miracles, because not everywhere you can buy them at the nearest shop. If your house will have handmade birch bark products, we hope you will love them as much as we do.

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